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Primate Wonder is a platform for you to make a change. This website will ignite your inner conservationist and help you, no matter where you are in the world, take part in primate conservation and contribute to saving our closest living relatives. 

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Primate of the week

Each week on our social media platforms we share a species of primate we believe deserves the spotlight. Check out our past species here! Head over to Facebook and Instagram to read more about these primates and to catch a new primate species each week!! 

You can now download all of our 'Primate of The Week' graphics HERE



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Get Involved

Learn how you can get involved in primate conservation from volunteering abroad to donating.


Primate Facts

Read some amazing facts about our closest living relatives all accompanied by amazing illustrations. 



Read our Conservation Blogs to get up to date on new conservation projects, NGO's and to read our Q&A series.

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